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Clinical Application
l   The preferred marker for the diagnosis of myocardial infarction(NACB)

l   The “Golden Standard” for AMI diagnosis

l   Prognostic assessment and risk stratification of ACS

l   Evaluation of myocardial ischemia injury area

l   Measure the extent of myocardial damage caused by heart surgery

l  ❤Improving patient management

Compatible Instrument
Lepzi Reader T-Meter I (Dry-type Fluorescence Immunoassay Reader)
Test Item PLGF
Specimen EDTA anticoagulated human whole blood or plasma samples
Reaction Time 15 min in Single Cartridge Mode,  55s in Multi Cartridge Mode
Storage 2~8°C
Qualification CE, NMPA
l   Fully Enclosed Test Area – Stable and Reliable Reaction

l   Ultrasonic Welded Seal – Tightly Sealed, High Precision

l   One-time Sample Added- No buffering or dilution, Simple and Convenient

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