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LEPZI Qualitative BTA Test

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Complement Factor H Test kit

Product Description
Intended Use

LEPZI Qualitative BTA Test is a immunochromatographic assay for thequalitativedetection of Complement factor H (Bladder Tumor Antigen, BTA ) in urine samples.
The test is intended for use as an aid in the screening patients for urothelial disease.

Clinical Application

Screening for urothelial cell lesions
Postoperative follow-up for recurrent bladder tumors


Test Item:Complement factor H (Bladder Tumor Antigen, BTA )
Specimen:Urine samples
Reaction Time:5 min
Qualification:CE, NMPA


Rapid-Instant Results in 5 min
Accurate-High Accuracy
Convenient-One-time Sample Added

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