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Lepzi is an innovative ground for development of high performance technologies for point-of-care medical diagnostics. The LEPZI assay platform developed by our team enables fast, simple and reliable point-of-care testing while addressing the demand for accessible and cost- effective healthcare.

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Lepzi Biotechnology Ltd.,based in Richmond, Canada.Our team brings together professionals with extensive experience in design and development of point-of-care medical devices, from early-stage prototyping and reagent development to implementation of specialized manufacturing and quality control processes.


Lepzi Diagnostika Ltd., based in Sofia, Bulgaria.We are innovative company working in the field of high-performance technologies for medical diagnostics and medical care. Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience in the design and development of medical devices, prototypes and reagents to the application of specialized processes for production and quality control. Lepzi Diagnostika provides an advanced platform for immunoassay that allows a rapid flow of diagnostic information for improvement of the medical care.

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