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LEPZI® Reader T-Meter I

Dry-type Fluorescence Immunoassay Reader

Platform Introduction

The Lepzi immunofluorescence platform employs a revolutionary design to provide fast and reliable measurements to quantify specific analytes in human whole blood and plasma samples.

All it takes to run a test is a one-step transfer of blood or plasma specimen to the LEPZI test cartridge followed by cartridge scanning inside a portable fluorescence reader.

Our product portfolio of quantitative LEPZI ® tests includes biomarkers for preeclampsia, congestive heart failure, acute myocardial infraction, kidney failure, and pulmonary embolism.

Intended Use

LEPZI ® Reader T-Meter I provides a quantitative read-out of the biomarkers by optically measuring the fluorescent signals generated by the patient sample after it is applied to the relevant cartridge.

The test results are automatically stored in the reader’s internal database and can be exported using the reader’s built-in printer or can be transmitted to a laboratory information system (LIS) or can be transferred onto a memory stick.

Clinical Application

Emergency Departments, Medical Labs, Cardiology Department, ICU, CCU, Obstetrics and Gynecology Departments


Quality control system

Built-in printer

Smart algorithm

Laboratory Information system (LIS)


Rapid -15 minutes in Single Cartridge Mode; 55 seconds in Multi Cartridge Mode

Accurate - High precision

Convenient – Easy-to-use