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LEPZI® Colloidal Gold Analyzer

Colloidal Gold Analyzer


Platform Introduction

The utilization of Lepzi immunochromatography platform allows for quick development of new LEPZI ® test results assisting the diagnosis of a wide range of medical conditions.

Continuous efforts in expanding our product portfolios with focuses in the tests of pregnancy and fertility, tumor markers, infectious disease, inflammation, and drug abuse.

New products in development include multiplex LEPZI tests for detecting multiple biomarkers in a single test device.

Intended Use

LEPZI ® Colloidal gold analyzer is an instrument that quantitatively analyzed the test results of the colloidal gold test device. 
The analyzer is compatible with the luteinizing hormone (LH) test kit, the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) test kit and other colloidal gold based test kits.

Clinical Application

Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Maternal and Child Hospitals, Fertility Clinics, Oncology Center, Physical Examination Center, and Community Outpatient Clinic


Touchable LCD full screen with display for operational information and test results
Self-check function to identify and report errors
Parameter setting and autosave function to avoid data loss
Smart algorithm and network connection


Rapid - Instant results in 10 minutes
Accurate - High precision
Convenient – Easy-to-use